• 23

    Happy Holidays!

    We at SOTONYE wanted to wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a Fabulous New Year! Hip Hip……Hooray!!

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  • 11

    We’re Excited to Announce The Rebranding of SoTonye

    In the next few weeks, you’ll notice a complete change in SoTonye. Ladies, you know what that long awaited make-over can feel like….so we are excited to see months...

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  • 11

    Watch This Space…

    Oooh…Ahhhh….!! It’s come time for us to have a little make-over… watch this space over the next few weeks, as we morph before your very eyes…!

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  • 16

    …Rock Oil…

    I bet you never heard that one before eh? Well trust me, you have, just in a different form. Let me give you some clues:   1) Rock oil...

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