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A Natural Journey

SOTONYE (sow-toh-n-yei) launched in April 2011, out of my own personal necessity to move away from the chemically infused products that are so readily available in our high street stores. No matter what I tried, the chemical ingredients in the products that I used always resulted in a disastrous effect on my skin and hair. Eventually I listened to my body and sought alternatives.

This led to years of personal research into natural solutions: oils, butters and waxes and the best blend of these ingredients for the most effective results. Friends and family noticed the difference in the health and quality of my skin and hair and insisted that this knowledge should be shared.

SOTONYE was born.

Our products always and only contain 100% natural ingredients and are lovingly hand-made. Our aim is to help you live a happy, healthy and therefore fulfilled life by providing natural alternative solutions to the chemical problems lurking on your cosmetic table. This is why our products will always be exquisitely made like nature intended.

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Sotonye xx

Our Values

  • Our Beliefs
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We believe the most beautiful things in life are natural.

To be your first choice for natural skin and hair products.

Helping people to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives by patronizing unique handmade alternative products just like nature intended.