We’re Excited to Announce The Rebranding of SoTonye

In the next few weeks, you’ll notice a complete change in SoTonye. Ladies, you know what that long awaited make-over can feel like….so we are excited to see months of hard work finally being revealed!

We hinted on the new logo a few weeks ago and we hope you love it as much as we do!! We’re sorry to see the original logo go, especially as it served us so well over the last 6 years, but change is necessary and change is good….so we’re embracing change and striding forward!

The website will be changing too but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to purchase all your natural handmade products with minimal disruption.

So as we say goodbye to one chapter: SoTonye ~ 100% Natural, Lovingly Hand Made
And hello to the next: SOTONYE ~ Exquisitely Made Like Nature Intended

We hold out our hand and invite you to come with us!
The adventure is only just beginning!!